It’s been an odd year. I was hoping that by now I’d have either released or been just about to release my second album called Collateral. Well, that was the plan when 2022 started.

In between though my health has dictated that wasn’t going to happen and now we’re looking more realistically at some time in quarter one 2023 for the release of the album. For most of this year I haven’t been able to sing which, for a singer/songwriter is a bit of a problem. Even the songwriting part has been put on hold because being poorly and making music really don’t mix.

In fact I’ve probably spent more time with doctors and consultants than I have making music. They’ve all told me the same thing, they can’t find anything wrong, which is great on one level but not so great on another. If there’s nothing wrong with me then why am I feeling ill? I think it’s Spike Milligan who has ‘I told you I was ill’ on his gravestone. I know how he felt.

Anyway, new music is coming. I hope to release another single before Christmas to add to the three I’ve already released this year. Another two songs are complete which will be on the album but not be released as singles, so that’s six tracks leaving me with four tracks to finish for the album.

I’ll get there. Meanwhile, here’s a sneak preview of the artwork for the next single.

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