According to those ‘in the know’ of the modern music industry music videos are either a waste of time of absolutely vital. In my attempt to cover all the bases I set up a YouTube channel and produced videos for each of my songs.

These videos range from the very simple to the quite complicated lyric videos I did for each of the four songs I released as singles.

Because I have no knowledge of video editing these videos took a lot of time to put together, a lot of time. Whether that time was successful or not is in the eye of the viewer but for me personally it was nice to do something so completely outside my comfort zone.

I also thought it might be a good idea to throw the channel open a bit and say to anyone who might fancy it – if you want to create a video for any of my songs then please go ahead. I can’t promise that I’ll put it on my channel but if I do then I’ll also promote the video on my social media.

There’s no money for this and obviously it won’t be broadcast to millions (well not yet) but I for one would be very interested to see what other people can do visually with my songs.

You can contact me at with any questions.

Click here to visit my YouTube channel.



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