Bob Dylan is without doubt one of the greatest influences on popular music. Blood On The Tracks is, in my opinion, his greatest ever album. It’s great song after great song.

The genesis of the album is believed to be the break-up with his wife Sara. Whilst that may have been a personal tragedy for all concerned it did leave the rest of the world with one of the finest collections of songs ever recorded.

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Dylan had recorded fine albums before Blood On The Tracks, this was his 15th studio album, and would record more fine albums later, this was released in 1974, but I don’t think he’s ever matched the complete excellence of this album.

The album also contains one of the finest love songs ever in If You See Her Say Hello. If you haven’t heard this album I suggest you check it out and if you haven’t listened to it for some time dust it down and play it again. And again.



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