My next single will be called All The Love In The World. The song has been written. The backing tracks have all been done and I’m just about to ditch the vocals and re-do them.

The gestation period of a new song varies massively. Sometimes it comes together in a flash and other times it can take weeks, or months, before I’m happy with it. And then there’s the recording.

I’ll go into how I do my recording in a later post but let’s just say it can be a slow process. Take this song for example. It’s been through more revisions than just about any song I’ve ever written. The basic idea was very quickly put together but the more I worked on the song the more changes I’ve made.

For example, it was at one time around 5 minutes and 15 seconds long, now it’s around four and half minutes long. There was an intro, then there wasn’t and now there’s another one. And on and on.

In any other thing I do this would drive me mental. I generally have the attention span of a goldfish but when it comes to music I’m happy to spend whatever time it takes, no matter how long that is.

It’s a good job that I play all the instruments and voices on my songs because I’m sure that if I had collaborators they would kill me. I don’t know how other musicians work but I’ve learnt to take my time, trust that I’ll get it right in the end and believe in the process that works for me.

I’ll add the new vocals over the next few days and then the completed track will be off to Jermaine, my producer. Or maybe it will take a bit longer…..

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