Christmas has come early this year. Today is the day that my music finally pays off. The payment is on it’s way and I can bask in the warm glow of the fruits of my labours.

Previously I’ve made a few quid from sales of CDs but that pales compared with the news from my music distributor CD Baby. Today they have emailed me to tell me they are depositing cash into my bank account. Real money, money I can spend.

The journey has been worthwhile, the hours spent writing, recording and promoting my music. The thousands of streams, the views on YouTube, my website and the hoards following me on my social media channels.

CD Baby have told me that $75 is all mine and that a net £62.33 has been sent to my bank.

Just to clarify, that’s £62.33. No noughts have been missed off, the decimal point is in the right place. That represents nearly two years of effort in the music business since my first release in January 2021.

I have already wrestled with my conscience. Should I rush out and indulge in an orgy of spending, should I hoard it for my impending retirement, should I donate it to some worthy charity? The choices I have to make are crucial and frankly difficult.

P.S. All begging letters will be ignored.

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