I am both delighted and humbled that the first song I ever released, My Guardian Angel, has passed 4,000 streams on Spotify alone.

To say that this song is important to me is the biggest understatement of the year. Not only was My Guardian Angel the first song I released commercially back in January 2021 the subject matter of the song was about as personal as it is possible to get.

On top of that all the proceeds from the sale of the accompanying CD and downloads were donated to the charity Blood Cancer UK.

The song also helped galvanise people into donating to a Just Giving page that has raised thousands of pounds for Blood Cancer UK.

I devoted a chapter of My Story to the song so I won’t repeat that here other than to say the reason I wrote and recorded the song was to mark the life and death of my long term partner Christine who died from blood cancer.

Christine would be deeply embarrassed that her picture was now so well known, but she would also be stunned and amazed at the outpouring of emotion her death created, often by people who had never met her.

Christine was my complete heroine and my love and admiration for her has only increased in the nearly five years since she died. I hope that in some small way the song My Guardian Angel reflects that.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to listen to the song, it means so very much on so many levels.

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