It seems pretty obvious to state it but as a species we seem to love a video. It used to be YouTube that ruled but now every social media platform is either completely focused on videos or is going that way.

We seem obsessed with clips of dancing, cats, people falling over and a million and one other things. In fact it seems that many people don’t think it’s real unless they’re taking a video of it.

I posted earlier this year that people are watching concerts and sporting events through their camera phones as they video the event to ‘prove’ they were there. It’s not enough anymore to say that you went to the football match or the gig unless you have the video evidence to back up your claim.

Whether I like it or not video is invading our lives. These days you can’t just release music you have to have a flood of video to back up that release, clips, reels, shares etc etc. I may not be a hip young thing anymore, if indeed I ever was, but even I can read the writing on the wall. That’s why I’m now spending a lot of time upping my video game.

In the coming weeks and months I’ll be releasing a steady stream of video content to back up the music I’ve already released. Every song will have videos based on the album artwork, lyrics and a full story video. There will also be short videos based on snippets of each song.

When I started to record and release my music I didn’t realise that I would have to become a mini Quentin Tarantino but it seems that’s what I’ve got to be.

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