It’s nearly a year ago that I released my first ever album Present Tense.

The 7th May 2021 was the culmination of about a year’s worth of recording and production, but it was also a lifetime’s ambition realised. I’ve written songs since I was about 17 when I found out that a friend of mine had a band. The only way for me to get into that band was to write songs because I certainly wasn’t ever going to make it as a musician.

It’s been a long old road since those days back in Ilkley, Yorkshire. The band never did make any great musical waves but it was a hugely formative time in my life. Since then I’ve wanted to record and release my songs and last year I finally got to do it.

In the last year I’ve been learning how to promote my music and working on my next album. I’ve recorded the first five songs and I’ll be releasing a new single shortly, meanwhile I hope you’ll join me to celebrate the first birthday of my album Present Tense.



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