Dutch guitarist Paul Davids has nearly 2.3 million YouTube followers and if you watch any of his videos it’s easy to see why. He comes across as a really likeable personality, he’s undoubtedly a very talented guitarist and he clearly enjoys making videos.

The key to his success, in my humble opinion, is that he really enjoys playing the guitar and it shows. The YouTube world is full of virtuoso guitarists who are only too pleased to show you how talented they are and at the same time underscore just how limited you are. Paul seems to understand that guitarists come is all shapes and sizes of ability and whether you are seriously talented or a complete novice the important thing is to enjoy spending time playing your guitar.

There is a phrase I was told as a youngster which is “if a thing is worth doing it’s worth doing badly”. In this context, if playing guitar is worthwhile then it’s worthwhile whatever level of proficiency you’re at.

Paul Davids seems to understand that and his channel is dedicated to showing you how much FUN you can get out of playing the guitar.

Click this link to go to the Paul Davids YouTube channel.



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