Here’s a belated introduction to the man behind all of music so far, Jermaine Nelson-Williams.

If you’ve been following My Story then you’ll know that Jermaine makes his vital entrance into my music quite late on, for those who’ve skipped My Story Jermaine is the magic ears behind my music.

He’s responsible for all the mixing and production of my music. We’re also keeping it within the family as he’s married to my niece Rowena.

The way we work is quite simple, I write the songs, record all the instruments and voices and hand a jumbled mess of sounds to Jermaine who somehow comes back to me with something coherent. I’ll give him an outline of what I’m trying to achieve with the song and he turns it into something listenable. Occasionally he’ll also add drums to a track like he did with My Guardian Angel or just some added percussion like he did with Like Lovers Do.

Having someone to work with is, for me, very important. It ensures that I put the effort in to each song because I really don’t want him to have to come back to me and tell me that the song isn’t good enough.

I know that other musicians work very closely with their producers literally sitting side by side in a studio but Jermaine and I have never done that. One important reason is that I’m playing all the sounds myself and that often takes many hours.

In virtually every song we’ve done together he’s come back with a slightly different take, or a slightly different idea which challenges my perception of the song. Sometimes, in fact most times, he’s right and the alteration will stay in the mix. Occasionally I’ll disagree and we’ll chat through his idea and come to a consensus. It a system that’s worked very well so far.

If you’re looking for someone to professionally mix and produce your tracks then get in touch with Jermaine, you won’t regret it.

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