I’ve posted on here several times that I’m really not a fan of Instagram. In particular every time I post about music a stream of spammers flood my message box with offers about how I can make millions using their promotion tools.

I report every single one of them and block them but it seems that Meta, the owners of Instagram, couldn’t care less that their platform is being used to spam the living daylights out of it’s users. Meta seemingly don’t give a damn that there are thousands, probably millions, of spam accounts.

I have kept going on Instagram because so many musicians use the platform to try and promote their art to a wider audience. I promote the Clip Bait playlist on the channel and I want to both get my music to as many people as possible and also get unsigned artists I like to as many people as possible.

I’m pleased to say that my Instagram channel now has over 2,000 followers and thank you to every single one of you for choosing to follow me.

If you’re not following me on Instagram please do, just click here

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