If you’ve got Amazon Prime you can now listen to all my music. You don’t have to sign up to any other service, it’s all included in your Prime membership. And all ad free.

In total Amazon have made over 100 million tracks available and 13 of those are mine. If you’ve got an Alexa just ask it to play songs by Sean Kearns and away you go.

Or download the Amazon Music app to your phone or tablet and search for Sean Kearns. It’s that simple.

Of course there are other artists available, to be fair there’s a lot of them, but you’ll surely want to listen to my songs for the next couple of weeks. Won’t you?


Having tried this service for a few days it doesn’t quite seem to be what it says on the tin. Yes you can ask Alexa or use the app to get straight to any artist on Amazon (including me !!!) but after three or so songs you’ll be forced to listen to whomever Amazon wants you to listen to – unless of course you pay for the premium service.

So not quite the audio nirvana at your fingertips that Amazon would have to believe. I already pay for Spotify so I don’t see any incentive for me to pay for Amazon music.

But if you’ve got an Alexa give it whirl – just say Alexa play music by Sean Kearns and for a few minutes at least you’ll be happy.

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