I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want a Gibson Les Paul guitar. Certainly ever since I started to play guitar. For me it’s the ultimate electric guitar. Forget what it sounds like it’s just the best looking guitar on the planet.

This is my Gibson Les Paul and I love it. Over the years I’ve lusted after black Les Pauls, white Les Pauls and thanks to Mick Ronson gold topped Les Pauls but in the end this is the beauty I bought.

It took me decades to finally own a Les Paul. I told myself I’d only buy one when I could truly afford one and that time eventually came about seven or eight years ago, and in the strangest of fashions.

Out of the blue I got an email from Amazon telling me that they were having a flash sale on Gibson guitars and I could save one third. It was simply too good an opportunity to miss. The very next day I received a huge box containing my very own Gibson Les Paul. By the time I got to opening the guitar case and seeing the guitar for the first time I was quite emotional. I’d wanted one for so long and finally the day had arrived.

It’s a heavy guitar, the body is solid wood and you certainly know if you’ve been playing it for any length of time standing up.

Since I’ve owned it I’ve made a couple of changes, I’ve replaced the G Force tuner with Grover machine heads and changed the rather stupid plastic jack protector thing for a metal one. I also took the pick guard off because I think the body is so much more beautiful without it. And apart from a professional set up by the Guitar Workshop in Manchester that’s all I’ve done to the guitar.

In my eyes it remains a thing of absolute beauty, it’s also the embodiment of a lifetime’s dream. In the time I’ve had the guitar I’ve gone on to buy more expensive guitars but there will only ever be one Gibson Les Paul and I’ll never change this one for anything.

My standard of guitar playing will never do the instrument full justice but it is and will always remain the most special instrument I will ever own.

(Picture: my Gibson Les Paul)

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