Listening to my music on streaming services isn’t the only way to make your day better, you can also purchase the CD for both my albums, Present Tense and Collateral.

Of course you’ll need a CD player to get the full benefit of listening pleasure but you might just want to buy the CD as a souvenir or to give as a present to someone else. In that case you’ll need to know that the only place on the planet you can buy my CDs is right here on this website.

Click here for more information about the Present Tense CD

Click here for more information about the Collateral CD

The CD comes shrink wrapped and includes an exclusive lyric booklet, so not only will you have the great music to listen to, you’ll also be able to sing along karaoke style. The fun never stops, does it?

And the cost for all this pleasure? Just £10, which includes P&P in the UK.

It’s just too big a bargain to miss out on – get your CD today.

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