So there I was, messing about on my guitar last night and I came across a chord I didn’t remember ever having used before. It sounded nice so I thought I’d find out what it was called.

A minute or so later I was on Chord Finder by and the rather simple chord I had played turned out to be F#sus4add#9add12.

It’s at times like this when I just wish I was in a band. Imagine turning to the others and saying play F#sus4add#9add12?

I’m not big on music theory, in fact it’s accurate to say I have no idea about music theory, I can’t read a note and struggle with even the very basics but even I know that any chord that’s called F#sus4add#9add12 is unlikely to be used very much. Which is a shame because F#sus4add#9add12 actually sounds rather nice and I can’t help thinking that if it had a snappier name it would get used a lot more.



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