I didn’t think it was going to happen but finally Apple Music have accepted my face. Given that my face is the only one I was born with and short of extensive surgery it’s the one I’m forced to share my life with it’s something of a relief to know the boys and girls at Apple have allowed me to be on my artist’s page.

Apple are quite happy to have my music on their site, they’re quite happy to sell my music (and take a significant cut of any sales) but they insist that I have my face on their site and how my face will be shown to the public.

Apple certainly like to control as much of the world as they can, which is fair enough, but not when it comes to MY page on their platform. Without artists they wouldn’t have ANY music to stream, download, and crucially, sell but they are adamant they’re going to control artists as much as they can.

The reality is that these days musicians have zero chance of becoming rich from the sales of music. Unlike previous generations when album and single sales could make you a millionaire, streaming and downloading earns the artist concerned absolute buttons. You have to have millions of streams just to earn, literally, a few quid.

But the sites like Apple who are making millions from streaming and downloading want to control every aspect and frankly couldn’t care less about all but a handful of artists. It’s a good job I don’t make music for a living but, hey, at least my face now fits at Apple.


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