When I first stared home recording I had an OK pair of speakers from Yamaha. The problem is if you share a house with other people they might not share your enthusiasm for auditioning 40 (or a lot more) kick drums to find just the one you’re looking for or looping two notes for an […]

First a disclaimer: I am not an influencer, a social media guru, an internet whiz kid, nor do I run any massive social media channels. But: these days if you want to do anything you have to have at least a rudimentary understanding of your primary shop window – social media. Alternatively: you have to […]

You listen to music with your ears, don’t you? So it doesn’t matter what artwork you stick on your website, your new single, your social media. Wrong. It’s probable that your visuals are every bit as important as your music. Think of it like this. We are bombarded 24/7 with stuff screaming ‘look at me’ […]

When I launched my first single back in January 2021 I was like a shrinking violet. The song was My Guardian Angel and I had no idea how to promote it, whether it was any good or not or what the reaction to it would be. Two years later I have learnt a lot. A […]

C’mon, admit it, it’s pretty stunning isn’t it? This is my Taylor SB. The SB stands for Solid Body which must have taken the marketing team at Taylor Guitars weeks to work out. Sadly Taylor don’t make SBs any more. I don’t know when the stopped making solid body guitars but it was a long […]

I may have a deep seated love for my Gibson Les Paul, I may turn to my Taylor 814ce as my ‘go to’ instrument but this beauty, my Taylor T5z Standard has got to be the most beautiful instrument I own. I mean look at it, it’s a work of art, a thing of great […]

Just in case you’re wondering this is how I (mainly) put a song together. Every songwriter has their own way of doing things but this is what works for me, most of the time. Invariably I’ll start with some idea of the basic chord pattern I’m going to use. At the same time I have […]

If, like me, your DAW is Cubase then you’ve almost certainly seen videos by Dom Sigalas. Even if you don’t use Cubase you’ve probably watched a video or two of his. But Dom is much more than a video creator. He is also a fine musician who, as his website says, has scored films, TV […]

This is my ‘go-to’ guitar, the one I play more than any other. I’ve owned this beautiful guitar for about three years and I play it virtually every day. The tone, the ease of play and the overall feel of the guitar is brilliant. I suppose I’m pre-disposed to Taylor guitars because my grandparent’s surname […]

Rick is an American musician, songwriter, producer and all round music genius who has a remarkably successful YouTube channel. On this channel he explains and demonstrates a wide range of music related stuff, including the remarkable ‘What Makes This Song Great’ series where he takes a song apart and explains exactly how it’s constructed. If […]