My second album came together far too slowly for the reason I explained My Story 18, click here to read that chapter, but eventually it got released. The album was topped and tailed by two songs, the opening song Like Lovers Do and the final song I wrote for the album Kiss Me Goodnight. Where […]

In the main the older you get the more likely it is that you’re going to need medical intervention. When you get to my advanced years it can feel that life revolves completely around your next trip to the doctor’s or to the hospital. I’ve had a reasonable share of medical procedures over the years […]

Many moons ago I had a friend who had a great saying. She would tell people “I believe that if I cast my bread on the waters it will come back as toast and jam”. I never found out if it was her own original saying or if she had nicked it from somewhere else […]

Half the songs on Present Tense started out some time ago and half were newer. None had ever been properly recorded. I made the decision that I was going to record the whole album myself, to retain complete control of what went on the final album. This meant compromising, often quite a lot, because I’m […]