With absolutely perfect timing Facebook have banned me for 3 days because I posted this image on my business page.

According to Facebook this image ‘goes against their community standards’. You might be puzzled about how an open source picture from Pixabay goes against their community standards so Facebook have clarified this by stating that the image violates their standards on ‘Nudity or Sexual Activity’.

Seriously, that’s what they’ve said.

This image of a gas burner is, in Facebook’s mind, too much for the general public to look at.

I’m trying to launch a single to benefit Blood Cancer UK and Facebook think a picture of a gas burner is too explicit to be shown on their platform. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious,

Typically with Facebook you cannot contact anyone, you can’t email or telephone, you just have to put up with their arbitrary decisions. Please help me by sharing this post on your Facebook page.

If enough people share it then maybe someone at Facebook might see it and actually look into it and realise that a picture of a gas burner is NOT nudity or sexual activity.

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