Hot on the heels of my recent single Like Lovers Do topping 1,000 plays on Spotify my latest single The Light Of My Life has also just topped 1,000 Spotify plays.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to listen to my music, it’s really appreciated.

Spotify is the leading music streaming website worldwide. There are around 60,000 new songs added to Spotify every day. It’s a staggering number so standing out from the crowd is virtually impossible unless you have a serious marketing budget and a team of social media managers working flat out on your behalf. I’ve got neither of these, and I also have a full time job so any promotion of my music has to fit in around that.

So getting the message out there and having people listen to my music is seriously difficult, as it is for every DIY musician. So every play counts. Every time you choose to listen to a song by an artist outside the mainstream, an artist that isn’t signed to a major label, you’re making someone’s day.

We don’t count streams on Spotify in the millions and billions, we’re just grateful if anyone takes a  few minutes out of their lives to listen to something we’ve created. That’s why getting to 1,000 streams is such a big deal. It’s the lowest number Spotify calculates and displays, so it really, really does matter to musicians like me.

Thank you again each and every person who has streamed my music on Spotify, it’s hugely kind of you and I hope you enjoyed listening to the song. If you did then please, please share it on your social media, it really does help.

Click here to listen to The Light Of My Life on Spotify

Click here to listen to Like Lovers Do on Spotify

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