The second, and hopefully final, guitar purchase was this superb Taylor solid body electric guitar.

Taylor don’t make these solid body electric guitars any more so the only market to buy them is the second hand one. This particular guitar is over 10 years old and came all the way from the colonies, New York America to be precise.

Because of their rarity I’d never actually played a Taylor solid body guitar before taking the plunge to buy this but I’m very glad I did buy it. It’s a fabulous guitar to play and like the Taylor T5 I posted about yesterday is far too good an instrument for my limited ability to get the best from.

This is now the third Taylor guitar I own and along with a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Telecaster they will be the guitars I will be keeping. Sadly that means that I’ll be selling my Gibson acoustic and Epiphone hollow body but hopefully they’ll end up with someone who will play them more than I will.



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