I spent a large chunk of this weekend making music on my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation – a computer to you and me).

Given how much time I spent doing it there’s remarkably little to show for it, but that’s how I tend to make music, slow and slower. This time it was even more laborious because the song I’m working on isn’t a finished song, in fact all I had was a chord progression, so it’s been literally building the song up piece by piece.

There’s currently no lyrics and not even a title but I wanted to see if it’s possible to start with a simple idea and build a completed song from there. Usually I’ll work on song with a guitar and finish the lyrics and have most things mapped out before I record anything so this is a complete departure from what I’ve been doing for years.

I won’t be doing this for the whole of the album I’ve started working on but it’s been interesting to try a different way of working. Whether the song ever sees the light of day or not I don’t know at this stage, I’ll let you know.



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