I had the pleasure of spending most of yesterday morning in my producer’s studio in Denbigh, but I wasn’t there to record anything, just to talk through the next couple of songs I plan to release.

Jermaine, my producer, now has his own recording studio in the North Wales town of Denbigh which is about 20 minutes away from where I live, so it’s a handy place to meet and talk through projects. I record most of my material at home in the studio I’ve built over the years, and once I’ve finished putting all the tracks together they go over to Jermaine to weave his magic and make them sound great.

It amazes me how good everything sounds in the studio, and that’s before Jermaine gets to work on the tracks.

We went through my next single All The Love In The World and discussed the single after that and I hope that we can get All The Love In The World finished and ready to upload to the distributors this week. I’ll keep you informed.

If you’re looking for a studio to record in or just a producer to make your music sound great then get in touch with Jermaine – and tell him I sent you !!!!

Click here to visit Jermaine’s website

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