I recently read that around 60,000 songs are uploaded to Spotify EVERY day. That’s getting on towards one song every SECOND.

Ten of those songs are mine. The problem is that it’s day 190 of 2021. That means that there have already been around 11,400,000 songs uploaded to Spotify this year.

So my songs account for 0.00008% of the songs uploaded to Spotify so far this year.

So what you might ask? Well, for the consumer who wants to listen to music there’s an unbelievable choice. You could simply never even begin to listen to more than a drop in the ocean of the amount of music that’s out there. Also, how do you find out what new music is being produced? The amount of new music is staggering and it’s growing by around 60,000 songs every single day.

For the musician it’s beyond daunting. How on earth do you break through the sheer volume of other artists and get your music in front of people? You’re a needle in a haystack hoping that by some miracle your music will be heard, let alone that it might become popular.

I don’t know what the answer is though. I wouldn’t want to stop any musician producing their music – good luck to them – but the danger is that music just becomes noise, that people stop LISTENING to music and that music resorts to the lowest common denominator and it all sounds the same.

Good luck to anyone wanting to make a living out of music, you’ve probably got more chance of winning the lottery this Saturday.

On a personal note, I just hope that some people like my music and take the time to listen to my songs more than once.


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