This year I shall mostly be making music.

Wouldn’t that be nice? Instead life and it’s dog will be intervening. Let’s face it, it’s already February, I’ve already had my birthday and my voice is still refusing to return to anything like normal. On the plus side I’ve bought a Native Instruments keyboard and plugins. OK they are proving anything but plug and play but step by step I’m getting there.

So the plan this year is to release ten new songs. I am aiming for 5 or 6 of those to be singles and incorporate those into an album I hope will be released later this year. Happily, I’ve finished recording the first song and I’m well on the way with the second. These will then get handed to my producer Jermaine and he’ll do his magic with them, so we’re hopefully looking at an early March release date for the first song of 2022.

At the same time I’ll be continuing to promote the ten songs I released last year, the songs which made up the album Present Tense.

Music is still my hobby not my full time work. Much as I’d like to devote all my time to music I have to earn a living. But, having released my first album last year I’m determined to continue making and releasing music. You have been warned !!!!



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